College of Public Health 2015-2016

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For more information on the department, please see the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health home page. The Department of Environmental & Occupational Health offers the following programs:

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Program Title and Code
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Degree /
Environmental Health (EVH)M.P.H.Traditional Format42 
Health, Safety & Environment (HLE)M.P.H.Online Format43 
Occupational Health for Nurses (OCP)M.P.H.Traditional Format42 
Occupational Health (OCC)M.P.H.Traditional Format43 
Occupational Safety (SFM)M.P.H.Traditional Format44 
Toxicology & Risk Assessment (TXY)M.P.H.Traditional Format44 
Environmental Health (PEH)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format42 
Industrial Hygiene (PIH)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format49 
International Public Health Research (PIP)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format42 
Occupational Health (POH)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format46 
Occupational Safety (POS)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format46 
Toxicology & Risk Assessment (PTX)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format44 
Occupational Medical Residency (POM)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format46 
Environmental HealthPH.D.Traditional Format90 
Industrial HygienePH.D.Traditional Format90 
Occupational HealthPH.D.Traditional Format90 
Toxicology & Risk AssessmentPH.D.Traditional Format90 
Dual Degree with AnthropologyM.P.H.-M.A. or PH.D.Traditional Format Concentrations: EVH 
Dual Degree with AnthropologyPH.D.-M.A.Traditional Format Concentrations: EVH
Dual Degree with NursingM.P.H.-M.S.Traditional Format Concentrations: OCC 
Dual Degree with Biochemistry/
Molecular Biology
M.P.H.-PH.D.Traditional Format Concentrations: EVH, TXY
Dual Degree with MedicineM.P.H.-M.D.Traditional Format College-Wide
Dual Degree with LawM.P.H.-J.D.Traditional Format College-Wide
Dual Degree with Physical TherapyM.P.H.-D.P.T.

Traditional Format

Peace Corps Master's InternationalM.P.H. or M.S.P.H.Traditional Format Special Program Available in All Concentrations
Environmental HealthCertificateTraditional Format12 
Health, Safety and Environment CertificateCertificateTraditional Format15 
Safety ManagementCertificateTraditional Format14 
Toxicology & Risk AssessmentCertificateTraditional Format13 
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