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As a new DrPH student, you need to complete some tasks

You will be offered a choice of several online DrPH orientation sessions during July or August. Information regarding orientation sessions will be sent out in an email at the beginning of July. This page will help you get started now.

 Obtain NetID

NetID and USF Web Portal 
All students must establish a NetID and designate their email address for all official USF internet communications. Go to to get your Net ID. Net ID is also required to access the myUSF portal which includes a variety of on-line services and access to course materials.

USF Health Box Account Highlights

USF Box is a service that is available to all USF account holders to enable collaboration and storage in the cloud. This service is a partnership between the university, Box, and Internet 2 that offers a simple way for our customers to store, share, and collaborate files safely. Highlights of Box include:

  • 50 GB of Individual Storage
  • Share & Discuss Documents with internal and external users
  • Access your files across multiple platforms and devices
  • Access to multiple versions of your documents without IT intervention

Click here to log into Box. Visit to learn more about this service.

 Student ID card

To obtain a Student ID Card, you can go to the ID Card Center, Student Service Building (SVC) 1032 813-974-2357  If you are an online student, you are still required to get a card, in order to access journal articles at the library and other services.  Instructions for getting an ID card can be found here

 Financial Aid

If you are receiving financial aid, be sure that you are fulfilling all of the enrollment requirements.  Information on scholarships and financial aid is available at the following places.  USF Financial Aid website and the COPH Financial Aid website.


Read your acceptance letter from the Graduate Admissions Office.  Is your residency status correct?  If incorrect contact 813-974-8800, before registering (  If you wish to establish Florida residency, please go to for more information. Note that documents supporting the establishment of legal residence must be dated, issued or filed 12 months before the first day of classes for the term for which reclassification is sought.

 Students with Disabilities Services

Students in need of academic accommodations for a disability may consult with Students with Disabilities Services to arrange appropriate accommodations. Students are required to give reasonable notice prior to requesting an accommodation

 Complete Immunization form

Have you completed and turned in your immunization form?  You must do this before you can register for classes.  Contact Student Health Services for more information at 813-974-4056, before registering.

 Registration Procedures

To purchase textbooks please go to or contact the USF Health Sciences Bookstore, MDC 1050, 813-974-4984. For information about textbooks or readings for a particular course, contact the instructor by email. This information will also be available on the first day of class.

 Enrolled in an Online course?

All online courses are supported by COPH Office of Educational Technology and Assessment (ETA). The ETA office in conjunction with course instructors, prepares Course-at-a-glance documents for all online courses. The CAGs assist students in learning more about the course, its requirements, course expectations, types of assessments and important testing dates for a given semester. To access these documents, go to and click on the course of interest.

Once registered, students in all online public health courses are expected to meet certain requirements to successfully participate in their courses. Failure to meet these requirements may cause problems accessing the course materials. It is the student's responsibility to ensure all requirements are met prior to the start of the semester. For a list of technology requirements, how to access your online course website, and order course materials, visit:

 After hours Access

To obtain access to the COPH Building after hours and daily access to Computer Lab A, you will need to fill out an access form at the desk in our front lobby.  Contact Mary Johnson at 813-974-7390 or  Then you will be able to use your student ID to gain access to the building.

 Shimberg Library Access

The Shimberg Health Sciences Library provides an excellent set of tools for research and training opportunities for students.

Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday: Noon - 11:00 PM

Phone: 813-974-2243

Quiet study space is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all students of  USF Health. The space is located at the south end of the first floor in the West Wing of  the library. This space requires your USF ID card to open doors. If your card does not work, contact Mary Johnson at 813-974-7390 or and request access permission for "MDC 1225 SHIMBERG LIBRARY 24 HOUR QUIET SPACE".

 Parking Permit

In order to park on campus, you must have a parking permit. To purchase this permit or to see the campus map for directions, go to the Parking and Transportation website at:

 Meet with Faculty Mentor

Your faculty mentor will help guide you through your career with the College of Public Health. You will be assigned a faculty mentor at the end of your first year. It is mandatory that you meet with your faculty mentor regularly after the first year, at appropriate intervals to critically evaluate the student's progress.

Although it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to be acquainted with all policies and regulations, and be responsible for completing requirements, the Faculty Mentor's role is to guide students in all aspects of their academic program and to monitor and evaluate students’ progress toward their degrees. He/she should be aware of any difficulties that students may be facing in their coursework or research experiences and should work with students in resolving these issues. It is recommended that the faculty mentor and student understand each others expectations and that effective means of communication are established.


 Student Responsibilities
  • Meet with the advisor at least once a semester
  • Seek assistance from the advisor when a problem arises
  • Make and keep advising appointments
  • Prepare for the advising appointment by reviewing your program of study, printing out unofficial transcript, preparing pertinent questions regarding academics, career, and professional aspects of public health

 Advisor Responsibilities
  • Serve as the primary contact for the advisee when problems arise
  • Guide the student through the academic curriculum
  • Provide information regarding the College’s policies and procedures
  • The faculty advisor will also participate in Referring students to COPH Graduate Office or other campus resources, as needed
 Change of Faculty Mentor

To change faculty mentor see the Archivum Change Of Faculty Mentor process.

 Complete Required Training Modules

These training modules are required for all doctoral students in the College of Public Health. Your registration may be put on hold if you do not complete them as required.

Human Research Protections Requirement: All students are required to have a current Human Research Protections certificate on file with the USF Division of Research Integrity and Compliance. 

Students taking Directed Research, Thesis, Dissertation,or Doctoral Project courses for the first time will take the CITI course. The Human Research Protections courses are online and take about 2 hours to complete; students taking these courses in multiple semesters will be required to complete a continuing education course when their certificate is out of date. For more information on these requirements please go here: Certificates of completion are available for printing through this link.


All USF doctoral students must complete training in the responsible conduct of research through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) module most relevant to the student's program of study. The training is available at this page:


ALL faculty, residents, students, staff and other members of the USF Health Community are required to complete the USF Health Professional Integrity and Compliance required training for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a federal privacy act. Completion of the HIPAA training is mandatory and must be completed during the first semester to avoid a registration hold in your second semester. You can get access to the training at: USF Health Required Online Training. You must have a USF Health email account to complete HIPAA.  

The Professional Integrity and Compliance Training includes sections on the following:

  • Professional Integrity at USF Health
  • False Claims Acts and USF Health Standards
  • HIPAA Privacy at USF Health
  • Computer and Information Security

All COPH doctoral students must complete the eIRB credentialing process during their first semester following admission. You can access the ARC Portal on this page:

Please contact the COPH Academic and Student Affairs office at 813-974-6505 if you have any questions.

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