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Concentration: Public Health and Clinical Laboratory Science and Practice (Code: LSP)
Delivery: Online

The public health laboratories are vital components of the nation’s health infrastructure but they currently lack opportunities for training and professional development.  The Public Health and Clinical Laboratory Science and Practice Program is designed to provide advanced practice professionals the skills they need to qualify for the national board examinations to become laboratory leaders.  The coursework was designed and implemented by professionals in laboratory leadership positions across the country with an emphasis on enhancing laboratory leadership, management, and scientific expertise.

Program of Study

If you have questions on your program, please contact the Doctoral Training office at

If you are a current student, you may view your current progress in Archivum at (See Archivum instructions.) 

If you are not a current student, or want to view program requirements from a different catalog year please use these sources: 

There may be circumstances in which a student may need to change their catalog year. This must be initiated through a discussion with your academic advisor. Details regarding USF policy on changing catalog year can be found at  


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