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The Master of Public Health (MPH) is the primary professional degree in public health. The degree provides a set of skills and principles essential for students who intend to apply their training in a professional setting, provides leadership in a specific health specialty to improve and protect the health and well-being of populations. All MPH students complete coursework designed to prepare public health professionals to actively and effectively contribute to population-based, culturally appropriate, and innovative approaches concerning current and emerging public health problems.  

In addition to the graduate degree requirements as specified in the Graduate Catalog, each student should have a written, flexible program of study that includes the student's choice of Catalog year, choice of concentration, cognate, or other options available in the degree, and a tentative identification of other appropriate choices available to the student in the degree, which may (but does not need to) include specific courses. A program of study is not a guarantee that specific courses will be available in a specific semester or that statutory and regulatory requirements will not change during the student's enrollment in the degree. As required or appropriate, the program of study should be revisited and modified by the student and the student's advisor/major professor(s).

All MPH students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 42 credit hours.

(Also see the USF Graduate Catalog, Public Health section)

2011 - 2016 Competencies

Current Competencies (beginning fall 2017)


 Degree Requirements

2019/20 (for previous degree requirements please see the Program of Study Index)

Program Core - 18 hours

PHC 6588 History & Systems of Public Health (1 hour)
PHC 6756 Population Assessment: Part 1 (5 hours)
PHC 6757 Population Assessment: Part 2 (3 hours)
PHC 6145 Translation to Practice (3 hours)

PHC 6949 Applied Practice Experiences (3 hours)

PHC 6943 Integrated Learning Experience (3 hours)

Concentration (variable hours, see concentrations below)

Courses in specialty areas (9 credits minimum)
Electives (variable)
Field experience (1-12 credits, see field experience details)

Special project (3 hours, see special project details)

Comprehensive Exam (must be registered for 2 credit hours, see comprehensive/CPH exam details)


 Concentrations (Links to Program of Study Forms)

KEY: Format= Program Format Online or Traditional;  Combined Concentration= Combined Concentration

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1 For USF Pediatric Residents or Fellows only


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