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The Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) degree is offered by the College of Public Health. The MSPH provides a focus in research design, data collection, analysis and application of research in public health intended to improve and protect the health of populations.  The degree is designed for students with good quantitative and/or qualitative skills and an interest in the science of public health and a comprehensive research experience.  Students are prepared for research roles in academic or professional public health careers by incorporating epidemiological principles and biostatistical methods with their focus within the core areas of public health.  

(Also see the USF Graduate Catalog, Public Health MSPH section)

 MSPH Competencies

Current Competencies (beginning fall 2017)

The MSPH in Industrial Hygiene is a professional degree thus includes the same core degree competencies as our MPH.

2011 - 2016 Competencies

The MSPH in Industrial Hygiene is a professional degree thus includes the same core degree competencies as our MPH.


MSPH Concentrations     

The links for each concentration and its program of study are below. Note: "traditional" indicates the concentration is offered on-campus, and "terminated" indicates the program is no longer offered by USF.

Behavioral Health                                                                                   
Environmental and Occupational Health                                       
Genetic Counseling                                                                                
Global Communicable Disease                                                          
Maternal and Child Health                                                                  
Occupational Exposure Science                                                        
Public Health Education                                                                       

Biostatistics (terminated fall 2018)
Environmental Health (terminated fall 2018)
Industrial Hygiene (terminated fall 2017)                                      
International Public Health Research (terminated fall 2018)
Occupational Health (terminated fall 2018)                                  
Occupational Safety (terminated fall 2018)                                   
Occupational Medical Residency (terminated fall 2018)          
Socio-Health Sciences (terminated fall 2018)                               
Toxicology and Risk Assessment (terminated fall 2018)

Master's Progression Policy

Review the progression policy for the MPH, MHA and MSPH.

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