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  • BMS 6994: Scholarly Concentrations Program Elective
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Ms. Roberta (Bobby) Collins 


One (1) month before the start of the elective, registered students must inform the RISE office of the Mentor’s full name and their email address.  Once received:

  1. Student will receive an email from DocuSign
  2. Student will complete required fields on application. 
  3. Student will upload a 1-page (minimum) document describing their proposed project for this elective time. 
  4. Once completed, the student will hit the FINISH button on the bottom.
  5. The application and proposal will then be sent to your mentor for their portion of the application (page 2)
  6. Mentor will complete their portion and sign the application
  7. Mentor must initial that they have reviewed the 1-page proposal.
  8. Once completed, the form is sent to one of the concentration Faculty Leaders for their signature
  9. Once signed, the form is sent to Dr. Susan Pross for her approval – as she is the Director of the Scholarly Concentrations Program

All must be completed PRIOR to the start of the elective period as you are not considered officially enrolled in this elective until the paperwork is complete.

Students must select one of the specific course numbers listed below for their concentrations. BMS 6994 is available for each of the 12 periods offered this academic year and can be split into two 2-week sections for the MSIII student only. BMS 6994 is offered periods 1 through 8 for the MSIV student. MSIV students may petition to register for periods 9-11 on a case by case basis.

BMS6994B Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Business in Medicine
BMS6994H Medical Humanities
BMS6994D Health Disparities 
BMS6994G Medicine & Gender
BMS6994S Health Systems Engineering 
BMS6994L Law & Medicine
BMS6994I  International Medicine
BMS 6994N Nutrition, Research & Health
BMS6994P Public Health

BMS6994E Medical Education 
BMS6994R Biomedical Research


The purpose of this elective is to provide SCP students the flexibility of pursuing creative scholarly projects/research under the direct supervision of a mentoring faculty member. It is expected that clear goals and objectives will be established in advance of requesting approval from the Scholarly Concentrations Program to register.

Learning outcomes will be assessed based on attainment of goals and objectives set at the beginning of the project by the mentoring faculty member and student.

Elective Requirements

Prior to scheduling this elective, students must meet with their faculty mentor in order to identify and define their SCP capstone project. After determining a course of study, students will complete a SCP ELECTIVE Application, and attach a copy of the project proposal. Proposals must include goals, objectives, and an emphasis of study. Only one application is required for the elective (if split into two 2-week sessions during the MSIII year).  When selecting this elective, it is important to understand that the student is expected to have a work product (i.e.: a presentation/paper/poster, etc.) at the end of the 4-week experience. If this elective is being used to further your capstone project progress, you are expected to provide an update (min 1 page) of your capstone as the work product at the end of the elective.   ALL capstones are due in February of the MSIV year. Depending on the timing of your elective, you may choose to present your scholarly work at the Annual USF Health Research Day. We are ASSUMING that all MSIII and MSIV students who take this elective are working towards their capstone completion. If the student does not hand in a project at the capstone due date in February, the elective will be removed from their transcript as they would no longer be recognized as part of the SCP.  

Students traveling internationally must contact USF Medicine International at ( and are required to complete the international travel registration process, register for the University’s travel medical and evacuation insurance and complete the student pre-departure orientation. If an international elective, provide the university’s emergency medical insurance policy number: _______________________________.


A SCP ELECTIVE Self-Assessment and Evaluation form must be completed at the end of the elective period. Students should be prepared to present their findings, often in the form of a paper, poster or powerpoint presentation. Students will receive an Incomplete (I) if the SCP ELECTIVE Self-Assessment and Evaluation is not received within 2 weeks of the end of the period. Grade adjustments may be made once assessments are received.


S (Satisfactory) / U (Unsatisfactory)

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