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Restrictions: A maximum of (3) periods may be spent off campus in externships.

Externships are NOT normally scheduled during the following periods without signed approval from the Associate Dean for Students Affairs.

  • Period 10
  • Period 11

Requirements for Approval: The following forms must be completed for the externship to be approved:

  1. Externship Application
    These forms are available on the Forms page. The student must complete all requested information in Part I, which includes the signature of the sponsoring USF Department Director (below), and submit the form to the Registrar's Office for approval. You must complete one form per site/specialty, e.g.

    1. Two surgery applications at Institution X = 1 form
    2. One surgery application at Institution X and One surgery application at Institution Y = 2 forms
    3. One Internal Med application at Institution X and One surgery application at Institution x = 2 forms
  2. Host Institution Application Form

    Most Medical School will require completion of their application form or an application via VSAS.
  3. Proof of Emergency Medical Insurance (if applicable)
    Students traveling internationally must contact USF Medicine International ( and are required to complete the international travel registration process and purchase the University’s travel medical and evacuation insurance.
  4. Communication
    Students away from campus on externships are required to keep the Registrar's Office informed of their exact whereabouts so they can be located in the event of an emergency.
  5. Non University Externships: This type of program should be arranged between the USF Departmental Chairperson and the Chief of the hospital service (who in turn is responsible for obtaining any further approval required by the hospital governing body). The USF College of Medicine Application for Externship Course must be completed.
    Under unique circumstances tutorial experience with clinicians in practice may be arranged through the Departmental Chairperson and the Dean of the College of Medicine.
  6. Externship Evaluation: All externships require a written evaluation of the student's performance at the conclusion of such elective periods. This evaluation must be submitted to the Registrar's Office for processing. Students should take an evaluation form with them to the externship. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the Registrar's Office receives an evaluation form from the host institution.

  7. Guidelines and Tips: Click here for additional information discussed at the class meeting (filling out forms, alternate school dates, malpractice coverage, etc.).

  8. Fingerprinting, Background checks, Drug screens, Immunizations, etc.: Click here

              1. Year 3 Clerkship Dates 2019-2020: Core and SELECT

Signatory (Dept Director)
Signatory LVHN
Coordinator LVHN
UME Dean/Stu Aff Dean
Thomas McLoughlin
Anne Vanderpool
Nishit Patel
Laura Cessna
Emergency Medicine
Kevin O'Brien
Barbara Pearce
Charles Worrilow
Dawn Yenser
Family Medicine
Eduardo Gonzalez
Linda Giordano
Veronica Brohm
Crystal Walker
Internal Medicine
Kevin O'Brien
Barbara Pearce
James Ross
Melissa Keyser
Rebecca Hurst
Shereena Farrington
Jay Varrato
Mark Bolden
Mark Greenberg
Kelly Thompson
Anne Vanderpool
David Rapkin
Melissa Mancao
Stephanie-Marie Jones
Julie Gualano
Swetangi Bhaleeya

Anne Vanderpool
Hassan Mir
Nikki Rives
Thomas McCaffrey
Kayla Scott
Anne Vanderpool
Anne Champeaux
Michelle Burnham
Nathan Brinn
Carie McGugin
Adam Paul
Tammy Winterhalt
Saundra Stock
Pat Crump  
Maru, Siddartha
Aubrey Reeves
Thomas Dilling
Angie Courtney
Todd Hazelton
Destiny McArthur
Jaime Sanchez
Margaret Child
Joseph Stirparo
Anne Vanderpool



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