Due to the planned consolidation during the summer of 2020, of the University of South Florida, the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, and the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, into a single university with a fully aligned and integrated curriculum and a single set of academic policies and procedures, any undergraduate or graduate student who matriculates at one of the three USF institutions on or after May 18, 2020, will adhere to the curricula, policies, and procedures described in the 2020-21 USF undergraduate or graduate catalog, respectively.

Concentration: Biostatistics (Code: BST) 
Delivery: Traditional

Concentration was terminated effective fall 2018.

The Biostatistics concentration provides educational opportunities for students to acquire a broad knowledge in biostatistics and apply biostatistical methods to public health problems. The MPH concentration emphasizes the applications of quantitative methods to a broad range of public health problems. The intended audience of the program includes individuals with strong quantitative background and interests in a professional career in a public health setting. The concentration trains students to be able to design studies, to implement data collection and management plans, to formulate analysis plans and conduct analysis, and to report and communicate analytical results. The concentration will also provide students with knowledge in statistical and computational methods and public health.

Program of Study

You should complete your program of study electronically using Archivum at usf.appiancloud.com/. (See Archivum instructions.)      

Program of Study PDF by Catalog Year
(to be used as reference)

 2017/18 2016/172015/162014/152013/142012/132011/12

Note: You may choose a program of study that corresponds to the academic year of your admission or any year thereafter.  Please see the guidelines below.

Current Competencies (beginning fall 2017)

MPH Competencies
Biostatistics Competencies

Graduate Advising

If you have advising questions regarding this concentration please email coph-grad@usf.edu.


The full list of graduate advisors is available on the MPH Graduate Advising page.